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Santillana opens its website for free so that your children can continue studying

santillana opens its website for free so that your children can continue studying

No one knows for sure how long we will have to spend in isolation until the pandemic is brought under control. This reality brings the world upside down and worries for many reasons, especially due to the serious economic crisis that is coming. But, beyond the large-scale problems, in every Spanish home right now, many parents must face the dilemma of what to do with their children.

Most children are restless by natureAsking them to stay home for so many days is even worse torture than for many adults. In this situation, there are parents who have wanted to find ways to keep them busy.

For that very reason, Organizations like Editorial Santillana have made their online services available, to continue promoting education even from home.

Santillana wants your children to continue learning without restrictions

The idea is that the content they have released is available to teachers and studentsSo that classrooms that already use the material from the Santillana publishing house can continue with the classes from a distance, as far as possible.

For the first levels of basic education, have enabled the virtual environment of Santillana Proyectos, a platform that seeks to develop creativity, curiosity and collaboration among the little ones.

Also, for primary, secondary and high school students, have provided access to LibroMedia, which must be granted through the associated educational and teaching centers. All this information and much more is available on its website.

Visit the Santillana website and download the mobile application

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If this news has caught your attention, do not hesitate to visit the official page of Santillana. Also, if you are already a member of this editorial group, you should know at least one of the mobile applications they have; Santillana Share.

With this app You can synchronize the digital resources of the Santillana platform on your Android smartphone or tablet. It is only necessary that you have your username and password at hand to have full access.

You lose nothing by trying this application, although we must warn you that, based on comments and scores from various usersThere is still a lot to improve to offer an optimal experience.