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Samsung Galaxy S6 goes on sale today and surprises with the reservations

Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge

Just yesterday we went to the presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge where they told us the reservation figures on these devices, both for Spain and for the rest of the world.

Figures that left us surprised to see that 50% of the total reserves in Spain, which are about 100,000 units, are for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edgesince it is a product with a new and innovative design in Samsung and that descends from the Galaxy Note Edge. It really seems like a great reception from the public for this new design knowing that the initial price to purchase it is 849 free.

At the event they also told us about world pre-reserves, which are no less than 20 million. Without a doubt, these are surprising figures to be the day in which these devices are put on sale and where it is reflected that Samsung has done a great job with its latest news. In this infographic you can see the level of satisfaction of the people who have been able to try it.


Another less significant fact that caught our attention was the most chosen color among the range of colors you offer, and is gold The one that stands out the most in the reservations.We are already testing the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and soon we will have prepared a thorough review of this great device.

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Tennis thought to buy one of these two variants of the Samsung Galaxy S6?