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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 may come with Ultra HD screen


The new Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge has not yet been put on sale, but rumors are coming to us about a possible Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We are sure that this model will reach the market, since Samsung knows how to get a lot of profitability, what we do not know is the bets it is making to launch the terminal.

Recently Samsung confirmed that it had panels with Ultra HD resolution, or what is the same, a panel with a resolution of 3840 × 2160 pixels. Well, according to rumors that are already circulating in all media, the fifth terminal of the Note range will come with a panel of this type. At the moment they are only rumors, but the statements of the company itself have been that they want terminals with more resolution than there are currently.

This amount of pixels is possible thanks to the method that Samsung uses to distribute these pixels on its panels. We could already see the Galaxy Note 4, in which the pixels are placed in Diamond shape, thus saving having to include more sub-pixels. It's kind of complicated, but translates into screens with much higher quality and resolution.

expectations samsung screens

The numbers on these screens are really scary, since we are talking about a density of 748 pixels per inch on a 5.89-inch screen. I say this screen size because it is also rumored for the terminal. As we see increases its respect to the fourth version. Of course, we could see a terminal with even more pixel density, and this would be the version Edge of Note 5, which will come – just like the S6 Edge – with the double curved edge. For this version the diagonal would be somewhat smaller, so the pixel density per inch will increase to 762.

These numbers and rumors are not confirmed at all, but it allows us to see a bit what the end of 2015 would be like for Samsung and all its competition. Now, as always we ask ourselves … Is this resolution necessary on a mobile phone?

What do you think? Do you see it too much?