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ReRunners, run alongside other players in real time

Multiplayer games like it. Competing to see who is the best and having scores to compare with other people makes us improve. And if we put together a platform game in which only the fastest wins with the possibility of playing with several people at the same time, what comes out is a crazy game of the caliber of ReRunners.

ReRunners is a racing game that has an aesthetic reminiscent of the Hotline Miami. Pixelated design, strange worlds and customization with strange objects. It is available for free in the Google Play store, and we found it so much fun that we couldn't pass up the opportunity to talk about it.

ReRunners, run alongside other players at the same time and win to be the best

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ReRunners It consists of running, getting better skills and power-up items, customizing your character and reaching high levels to compete with better and better people, and is based on a free model with in-app purchases. After having tried it, I have to say that it even remembers Real Racing 3 when it comes to getting the rewards, since you have to "train" for a certain time to unlock the prizes but, at the same time, you can skip the wait with some gems. These gems, of course, is achieved by playing a lot or going through the box.

ReRunners is a free game, but it has in-app purchases for coins and gems that allow you to obtain items that can only be obtained with great patience.

As soon as you enter ReRunner, the first thing the game does is invite us to create our character. Color reigns among the combinations and the more eccentric the design that we associate with our runner, the more we will like it. Then it is when the fun begins, since the game takes you to a series of tests where you compete with other people completely online, and you have to win all of them to be able to advance. This first phase serves as a tutorial to get you started in the game.

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From there, ReRunners It allows you to go through stages in which you will compete with other people to level up, obtaining chests with objects and unlocking access to other stages.

Having tried it, I have to say that ReRunners is a very fun game that earns many points for its multiplayer factor. Playing with so many people at once and watching them fall or crash is really fun. If we add to that the pixelated touch of the levels, the result is a game that you should not miss on this vacation.