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Pokmon GO update makes it impossible to play on the move

Pokémon GO It has been one of the most successful games of the summer. The world has practically gone crazy with this title, which is accumulating more and more players. But that success isn't stopping Niantic / Nintendo developers from angering millions of gamers around the world.

Despite initial success, the game doesn't seem to be getting any better with updates, but quite the opposite. While the latest updates have reduced the chances of catching Pokémon, it turns out that there's another detail about the update that shouldn't go unnoticed: the latest version of Pokémon GO makes it difficult -and almost makes it impossible- being able to play by car (as a co-pilot, don't be irresponsible), bicycle and public transport.

Pokémon GO is now more difficult to play on the move

The latest Pokémon GO update has reduced the Pokémon capture ratio and increased detection time, making the game on the move very difficult.

The latest updates from Pokémon GO not only have they served to disable services such as Pokévision or to eliminate the system of tracking by fingerprints of Pokémons (instead of fixing it, which is what they should have done), but it turns out that a series of changes that make it more difficult to play on public transport.

And to show this, an image that summarizes the reason why you will have realized that now it is almost impossible to hunt down Pokémon when going by bus, train or passenger in the car. What you are looking at is the area covered by our hunt before and after the update, with the old area represented in red + blue and the new area only in red. The difference is obvious, right?

pokemon go areas

To start, one of the first changes that the creators of Pokémon GO is that now the area from which we perceive a Pokémon is 70 meters instead of the initial 100 meters. If we make a comparison of areas of the circles, the reduction of 30 meters assumes an area half the size regarding the initial version, and this fact assumes two things:

  • It is easier to find a Pok√©mon that has detected the game by being in an area half small …
  • … but, at the same time, it is also more difficult to find Pok√©mon, since there will be areas in which we do not detect any when before we could hunt them in those same places

But that is not the only evil that the game is suffering, there is another change that will also make it more difficult for us to detect Pokémon: in the last update They have also changed the time when the radar detects the proximity of the Pokémon. Currently the game tracks Pokémon every ten seconds, instead of the five seconds in which it detected Pokémon in previous versions. In other words: the faster you go, the more fighters you will lose.

This is all that goes out one afternoon to hunt Pokemon

As a result of cutting the area in half and doubling the time required, chances are that the situation of passing near areas with Pokémons without them appearing on your radar will be much repeated now. While it's true that it shouldn't affect players on foot too much, those who ride a bus, car or bicycle will perceive much less Pokémon.

If we add to this that third-party services no longer work and that the game's own tools prevent us from chasing the Pokémon, we find a user experience that is going to less. Will Niantic respond as Pokémon fans expect? Each day seems less likely.

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