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The coronavirus, officially called COVID-19, has grabbed all the headlines of newspapers and news in the past few weeks. It is a global disease that has forced you to take extreme precautions, and Apple has not been oblivious to the problems it is generating. The company has closed several stores in China and Italy to try to avoid as far as possible the risk of contagion and has also eliminated trips by its employees to countries where the virus is widespread.

Other major companies like Google have had to cancel major events, and everything indicates that Apple will also be forced to make these decisions. Chances are that we don't have a keynote in March and until WWDC June 20 is in danger and the iPhone 9 may need to be delayed.

In this type of situation there is nothing worse than disinformation, and this can come through many routes. Social media is usually the worst place, but mobile apps can also cause problems. For this reason, and as reported by the CNBC, so much Apple and Google are canceling all applications about the coronavirus that is sent to their respective stores. of applications if they are not developed by reputable medical organizations.

The apps about the coronavirus under the magnifying glass of Apple

Apple and Google have begun taking "forceful action" against coronavirus-related applications. Several application developers have contacted the CNBC arguing that Apple is rejecting any mobile software related to the coronavirus that is not from recognized health organizations or the government. In addition, Google is also restricting searches related to coronavirus in the Play Store.

Apple is manually reviewing all of these applications and rejecting those related to the coronavirus. The message sent to developers explaining the veto to their application is as follows: "Applications with current medical information must be submitted by a recognized institution"

coronavirus "width =" 640 "height =" 336 "class =" alignnone size-large wp-image-294157 "srcset =" 640w , 320w, 768w, https: / / 800w, 681w, https: //t.ipadizate .es / 2020/01 / coronavirus-2.jpg 1200w "sizes =" (max-width: 640px) 100vw, 640px "/></p><p><strong>It may interest you |</strong> Apple Sends Health Packages With Gifts, Including An iPad, To Its Isolated Employees In China</p><p>However, according to the report, some of these mobile applications were well-intentioned by their developers and <strong>used data and information from the World Health Organization or recognized health institutions</strong>. So Apple does not seem to be directly observing the content of the application, it simply rejects it if it does not come from an official development of the different governments or from a prestigious medical organization.</p><p>They may end up "paying righteous for sinners" in the end, but in this case Apple's restriction makes a lot of sense. The company <strong>cannot help and promote disinformation about the virus</strong> and only hallucinations with demonstrated rigor should give the information. In fact at the moment there are few iOS applications in the App Store related to the virus, only some options developed by medical organizations and one from the Brazilian government.</p><p>Apple and Google are not the only ones to take action, <strong>Facebook has also acknowledged that it is working</strong> to filter the information correctly in your social res and <strong>Amazon is trying to avoid selling products that ensure cures or protection against COVID-19</strong>. It is a very serious situation and it seems that large companies are taking it very seriously.</p><p></p><!-- WP QUADS Content Ad Plugin v. 1.8.17 --><div class=