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Nokia has its sights set on the United States


The Nokia 9 PureView has five rear cameras.

Sarah Tew / CNET

The manufacturer of the Nokia phones, HMD, introduced five phones at MWC this year, and one of them has up to five rear cameras. However, none of these phones supports 5G.

Nokia 5G phones are on the way, HM CEO Florian Seiche said, but it won't be until 2020. The company is working with Qualcomm to bring 5G devices to market, but HMD isn't killing itself to be part of the first wave. of phones with this technology.

"We believe this year is literally the first round of introduction, so next year will be a good time to roll out 5G devices to the mass market in key regions where we see an opportunity, such as Western Europe and the United States," he said. Seiche.

As the next generation of network technology, 5G promises improve the capacity, latency and speed of mobile networks. This offers growth opportunities for smart cities, autonomous cars and virtual and augmented reality.

Industry insiders point out that 2020 is going to be the year that consumers start embracing the new 5G technology. And HMD is not the only company waiting to jump on the 5G wagon. Apple is not expected to take out its 5G phone until next year.

HMD is also focused on offering a solid selection of mid-range phones. Unlike other manufacturers, which are pulling out phones that are over $ 1,000, Nokia phones cost less than $ 700.

The United States market, however, is in the sights of HMD. The company first brought its new Nokia phone to the United States last year with the Nokia 6, and announced partnerships with Verizon, Cricket and Rogers earlier this year.

"Surely we want to capture as much as possible of the opportunity that is presented to us in the United States, as soon as possible," Seiche said. "I cannot announce new partnerships, but I can say that we are very focused on the United States."

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