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No more input for headphones, Samsung

The great Samsung company which until now remains one of those that have set their own design trends and characteristics since they are one of the few on the market that have not joined others, whether they are the famous notch on the device or other modifications.

Apparently that is a thing of the past and it is said that the firm will remove the physical port for headphones on the phones in the second half of 2019 so in theory, the new Samsung Galaxy S10 will be the last terminal that counts with this input for headphones.

Samsung will join the trend to have more freedom in design and to make its devices more compact and slimmer and even to increase the batteries to greater capacity, it is also said that this port could possibly be equipped to improve a fingerprint sensor under the screen and it is said that the new S10 is implemented.

Possibly this port will be removed to improve the new trend of fingerprint sensors under the screen and this function is better and has more security for the user, it is also said that another manufacturer will eliminate this entry thanks to the implementation of the same fingerprint sensor below the display, the next OnePlus 6T is expected to arrive with this feature.

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