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Netflix comes to the rescue of its paralyzed productions

One of the industries benefiting most from this coronavirus and preventive and total quarantines is that of streaming services such as Netflix.

Reed Hastings' entertainment platform has even had to limit the quality of its productions to decrease data use in Europe and prevent a collapse of internet networks.

That is why, as a throwback to its various original productions that will be paralyzed, the company reported on the establishment of a $ 100 million dollar fund for creative community workers following these shows.

"This community has supported Netflix in good times, and we want to help them through these difficult times, especially while governments are still determining what financial support they will provide," Ted Sarandos, creative director at Netflix, said in a statement.

stranger things 3Netflix

The beneficiaries of this fund will be all the workers of these productions worldwide, and complement the two weeks of payment that the company has already agreed to pay the cast and crew for the series and movies suspended.

"Beyond helping workers in our own productions, we also want to support the broader film and television industry," continued Sarandos. "Therefore, $ 15 million from the fund will go to third parties and non-profit organizations that they will provide emergency aid to the out-of-work crew and issued in countries where we have a large production base. ”

Ted Sarandos ends his letter announcing this fund as follows:

“In the United States and Canada, nonprofits already exist to do this work. We will donate $ 1 million each to the SAG-AFTRA Covid-19 Disaster Fund, the Film and Television Fund and the Emergency Assistance Actors Fund in the United States, and $ 1 million between the AFC and the Fondation des Artistes In other regions, including Europe, Latin America, and Asia, where we have a large production presence, we are working with existing industry organizations to create similar creative emergency relief efforts in the community. We will announce the details of group donations in other spend the next week.

What is happening is unprecedented. We are as strong as the people we work with and Netflix is ​​fortunate to be able to help those most affected in our industry through this challenging time. "

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