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Meet this paper-battery, a material with great energy storage capacity

Every day there are more technological options that we have at our disposal, options that are born to offer us greater benefits. Now a new type of material appears that provides a large storage capacity energetic.

It is a paper-battery, a sheet of 15 cm in diameter and a few tenths of a millimeter thick, which is capable of storing up to 1 farad. This material, developed by Swedish researchers, is produced from simple materials such as renewable cellulose and a readily available conductive polymer, according to the site

This new material is very light, waterproof and does not require chemicals dangerous or heavy metals. Plus, it looks and feels like slightly plastic paper and can be reloaded hundreds of times, and each charge only takes a few seconds to complete.

“Thin films that function as capacitors have been around for a long time. What we have done is produce the material in three dimensions. We can produce thick sheets, ”said Xavier Crispin, professor of organic electronics.

This new cellulose-polymer material has achieved a world record in the simultaneous conductivity of ions and electrons. Also has broken three other records in terms of higher load and capacitance in organic electronics, 1 coulomb and 2 farads; highest measured current in an organic conductor, 1 amp; and highest transconductance in a transistor, 1 siemens.

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