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Live wallpapers for Android

If something makes Android different compared to iOS, it is personalization, although, in the apple system we can also change the wallpaper, there is no such thing as a Live Wallpaper, or better known as an animated wallpaper, in change in Android these types of applications abound, and best of all, some are completely free.

Personally, I am one of the users who like to be changing the wallpaper almost daily, none of them I like or end up boring, that's why most of the time I resort to aAnimated wallpaper.If you are just like me, here we present you some good alternatives to plug your wallpaper, you can get themfree on Google Play.

1.- Forest Live Wallpaper

We will start with one that has certainly captivated users, and I include myself among them. As its name implies, this Live Wallpaper will show us a forest, but this one in the Material Design style and with a touch of minimalism. A very curious feature is that it synchronizes with the meteorological services and sosimulate the weather of our location on the wallpaper.You can change color depending on the time of day, but as with all wallpapers, we can select our preferred color ignoring our time and time of day.

Get Forest Live Wallpaper (Free).

2.- Grass LWP (Revamped).

If you like the classic, this animated wallpaper will enchant you, although when we say classic, we do not mean its style, it is very very old, so much so that was incorporated into Android 2.1 Eclair.But despite being very old, the truth is that it is very good, good and simple at the same time, which makes it a very light application. Its main attraction is the movement of the grass that moves with the wind, it is certainly something very simple, but to get out of routine it is highly recommended.

Get Grass LWP (Revamped) (Free).

3.- Tapet – HD Wallpapers.

This may already be well known, and although they do not have any movement or animation, it is one of the ones that I love the most, since as I said earlier, I am bored having the same wallpaper, and withTapet,This makes it easier for me to be changing it, since every certain time interval it changes by itself, they are static images with a Material Design style, which are certainly fascinating for their different types of patterns.

Get Tapet – HD Wallpapers.

We hope that you try these Live Wallpapers and that you tell us which one you like the most, if you allow me to order them by my personal appreciation I leave Tapet first, secondly I put Forest Live Wallpaper and thirdly Grass. It is a matter of taste, try them and tell us which is your favorite.

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