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Keys to improving customer relationships, according to Xerox

In addition to technical and logistical factors, among others, there is no doubt that the success of an organization is given by the relationship that it achieves to strengthen with its clients.

Various are the manuals and recommendations of gurs in this regard, but this time, the people of Xerox has shared eight simple and effective ways to accomplish the task.; between them, find opportunities to express appreciation to customers as well as offer them a more fun experience to differentiate the company from the competition.

In addition to this, answer all inquiries and questions from customers as soon as possible, and ask them what do they want and listen to their responses.

And among other important aspects to consider, the make sure you are a specialist in your sectoras well as meet customers (from incidents and concerns with your company, to your personal stories), call them occasionally to share something of value and proactively keep them up-to-date with relevant market information.

The little details make the difference in the customer's perception of a company. In this way, they are generated Longer and more lasting loyalty ties, and our customers will be more likely to refer us to other potentials, explains Mara Jos Alcaraz, head of communication and marketing for Xerox Spain.

In addition, Alcaraz reveals that at Xerox, in addition to its employees, it always puts the customer at the center of everything the company does to ensure that we develop the technology and services they need to focus on their business and deliver exceptional experience your clients.

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