Instagram allow to hide Stories to several people individually

Instagram allow to hide Stories to several people individually

Block who watches your instagram stories individually

The world of software, and technology in general, is constantly evolving. It doesn't matter if there is a trade war or an active pandemic that ends up affecting the industry, you have to move on, period.

Like any other social network, Instagram does not want to lag behind its competitionAnd so Facebook continues to work to constantly improve the platform. Proof of this is that a new feature has been leaked that we could see shortly. Instagram allows you to individually hide your Stories from various people.

Now you can block users in each Instagram Stories separately

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Jane Manchun Wong, an expert in reverse engineering, has been scrutinizing the code from the latest Instagram update for news. Thanks to his experience, he has been able to find a hidden feature that developers could be testing.

In a tweet published on his account, he has revealed that Instagram may soon allow to hide each story individually to different people. Until now, in the social network you can block a user from seeing your stories, but he blocks them all.

In the capture published by Wong you can see an option that says Change who can see this in an individual story. In the description of that same option, it reads You can choose to hide this photo from specific people. In addition, there is also a search bar where you can probably type the user or name of the follower you want to block.

The new option to block stories on Instagram could arrive soon

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Wong comments that the function is in the public testing phase, which means that other Instagram users will probably also start seeing it. In fact, one of his followers commented on the tweet, assuring that he already received this news. However, there is still no official information on when it will be available to all users.

Now we just have to wait, although we are pretty sure that it will be little. The reason for thinking this? Jane Wong has been successful on multiple findings before, such as that Facebook will allow you to post your stories directly to Instagram, or that Spotify may soon accept voice commands.

What use will you give to this new functionality? We hope it's not hiding from your boss for being sick, while you're actually in the pool.