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Huawei picks up devices at home and extends the warranty

Huawei is one of the last companies that has announced news regarding the coronavirus crisis and has offered solutions to its clients. Among the new measures that Huawei takes to deal with the coronavirus is the collection of its devices at home for repair, free shipping in its online store and news in the App Gallery.

The Chinese firm from the beginning has shown great concern about the situation of the coronavirus since it originated in China. Now that we are on alert in Spain, the firm has announced certain measures so that its clients are affected as little as possible under the hashtag #HuaweiContigo.

Picture - Huawei collects devices at home and extends the warranty

Home repairs and warranty extension

Although Huawei has its two closed physical stores, the firm has decided to continue offering a effective customer serviceIn this way, if our mobile phone breaks due to any circumstance related to the warranty, Huawei will be in charge of picking up the terminal, repairing it and giving it to us back at our home.

Huawei, while announcing home repairs, has announced a warranty extension for your products, both those who are in the warranty period and those in whom the period until March 15 is running out, can continue to enjoy it Until 15 June.

This is a completely free warranty extension, that is, if we purchased our mobile on March 20, 2018, our mobile will now be under warranty until June 15, 2020. On the other hand, If we purchase a product on March 10, 2018, the warranty period is not extended. completely free of charge.

To contact Huawei technical support And so to manage the guarantee of a product there are several ways:

  1. Calling Huawei customer service at the toll-free number +34 900483303.
  2. Through the Huawei help website where we can fill out a repair form.

Web: Contact Huawei (repair form)

  1. Through the app Support which comes pre-installed on Huawei smartphones.

Free shipping on Huawei eStore

The Huawei eStore is the online store of the Chinese firm that was launched just a few weeks ago. At this time, only some technology stores open their doors despite having the necessary permission to do so.

Online stores that are operating as usual and that is why Huawei has announced shipments exprs from 1 to 2 days to the entire peninsula. If by any chance we want to return our purchase, we will have 14 days to return in a simple way.

Customer service of the Huawei eStore has both a live chat, as a toll-free number such as +34 900483303 They are available from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

Free trial periods on the App Gallery

Picture - Huawei collects devices at home and extends the warranty

The App Gallery is the Huawei app store in which we can find some applications, now with free trial periods.

  1. ABA English: it is an online english academy which offers us 1 month free trial.
  2. Nubian: It is one of the best known book and magazine services. Now we have 1 month free.
  3. Lords Mobile: This is a fantastic themed strategy game with which we can earn up to 30 euros to spend within the App Gallery.

Remember that these types of promotions will only be applied to us if we download from the App Gallery.

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What do you think of Huawei's measurements? Do you think they are enough?