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Huawei Mate 20X, gamer terminal with large screen

It is just a few days before the new terminals of the great Huawei brand are presented, which are possibly the best in the high-end since their characteristics and specifications leaked during this time give much to talk about.

They were talking about 21 versions in three different terminals but apparently a fourth would come which would be a gamer variant thanks to a screen increase and possibly a more advanced technical sheet.

It is expected that this will be known as the new Huawei Mate 20X, a mobile dedicated to performance and optimization since it is expected that it will fulfill heavy-duty functions as it is for gamers.

Supposed real images of this terminal have been filtered in which you can see a large screen as well as a better use of the front of up to possibly 95%, in terms of size it is said that this could have up to 7.2 inches very well used so as also in the second image you can see a main camera with 3 sensors.

It should be mentioned that none of this is still official but as always, it ends up being true in terms of leaks since the same model and the same characteristics are carried out, which is why this phone possibly is one of the best competitors in the market for smart devices.

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