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Huawei Mate 20 Pro camera news

Huawei is a brand that has been innovating a lot in recent years in each of its terminals that they present, in order to fill the user with all expectations, offering terminals that involve COST-BENEFIT, For Huawei it is very important to continue giving innovation in the market.

I have started to analyze in detail the camera of the new Mate 20 PRO and I have found news that many users will draw attention, it should also be noted that I have noticed great improvement in the photographic aspect compared to its previous generation.

But before starting with the news, I will mention the photographic configuration of the terminal, Huawei Mate 20 PRO carry with him Leica triple camera With a 40MP Wide Angle (27mm) (f / 1.8) + 20MP Ultra Wide Angle (16m) (f / 1.6) + 8MP Telephoto 3x (f / 2.4) RGB sensor with new camera orientation in the center shape of box.

How can you see this terminal wears Leica company lenses, which allows you to get better results due to the level of quality that the manufacturer implements in its sensors. Now I will tell you about the qualities that Mate 20 PRO has in its camera. We have the camera application that has many sections that allow you to get the most out of your mobile device.

Hivision It is a section that Huawei has implemented in the camera that allows you to measure the calories and the measurement volume detecting in food, objects and even people. To select this function, just touch the icon in the upper left, at the Activate the camera begins to detect the element and performs a 3D recognition of the element to provide you with the required information, in case of food it gives you the information, such as name and calories, total fat, grams, cholesterol and portions, it is worth mentioning that calories They offer are based on different portions than what the food is possibly scanned. HIVISION From my point of view it is good, but in its turn I feel that there is a lack of improvement regarding information.

The mode MACRO It had never been seen on any mobile device, but Huawei has implemented in Mate20 Pro this function based on artificial intelligence through adjustments made by the system, adjusting the sensors to obtain macro mode. What you can also do in professional mode knowing how to use depth of field settings in professional mode.

It is wonderful to use the macro mode if you are one of the users who love to capture even the most minute detail, because through camera adjustments you will be able to take exceptional and wonderful photographs.

The Wide angle It is a very good and useful option that can be activated very simply and simply by adjusting the zoom level until 0.6x appears, Huawei has implemented wide angle on your mobile device in order to obtain more field of view and you can capture with its triple camera, which from my perspective is very useful in case you go on a trip since it captures that beautiful landscape that you liked.

Another novelty that I could get to perceive in the new HUAWEI Mate20 Pro is the video section, since now the device allows you to record (AI color) in selective mode making videos much more professional and of course attractive, passing monochrome videos and highlighting an area of ​​color.

It also has more features like Blurred Background, Retro, Suspense and Cool that are added inside the magic wand in the video tab.