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How to make a group video call on Snapchat

With all of us and us at home, locked away without being able to leave until the Alarm State is lifted, the tools to make group video calls have become essential.

This type of tool becomes our ally against isolation, and ensures that we can all keep in touch with our loved ones without having to meet in person.

There are several applications that allow the possibility of make group video calls, such as WhatsApp or Facebook. However, Snapchat gives us the possibility to make a video call with up to 16 users at the same time.

How to set up a Snapchat group chat

Creating a group chat on Snapchat is very simple. You just have to follow the next steps:

  1. Open Snapchat
  2. Tap the Chat icon at the bottom left
  3. Tap the New Chat icon at the top right
  4. Select multiple friends from the list, then tap Chat with group

At this time you can change the group name and send a message or a photograph, or you can click the video camera icon at the top of the window to start a group video call.

The rest of the users you invite to the call will receive a notification asking them to join the video chat, and when they join they will see the bubble of their name light up.

Keep in mind that voice chats can support up to 32 members, but with video chats you are limited to 16, a much higher number than other applications like WhatsApp.

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