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Google Assistant has problems on the Pixel 2

It seems that thePixel 2 XLIt is being a problematic terminal for Google, something that affects it to a greater extent as it is one of the top of the range that has been released this year and that thePixel 2it follows although with minor failures, and one of those failures is related tothe Google assistant.

The problem appears when the Google Assistant is opened, the microphone is mutedwhen using Bluetooth headphones,something that does not allow using the assistant's artificial intelligence wirelessly, and is a problem for users who tend to use the assistant inside a car, who see how they cannot search for any type of information or an address using Bluetooth, thus forcing them to break the wireless connection to pick up the terminal and search.

As expected, users began to attack the Google forums demanding a solution, because despite the Pixel 2 being recently updated, this problem is still present, which means that we will have to wait for the next update for its respective solution.

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