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Galaxy Fold sold out in China after five minutes on sale

Galaxy Fold

The Galaxy Fold is being one of the most commented models this fall. It has been several weeks since the first Samsung folding phone was officially launched in Spain. The reception of this phone in the market is being positive, with sales that are being good, in some cases even exceeding the expectations of the brand itself.

The phone has also been launched in China, a country where Samsung has been losing presence clearly. Despite the fact that the role of the Korean manufacturer in this country is decreasing, the Galaxy Fold is generating interest. In fact, on its first day it has even run out.

The phone has been launched in China, in a couple of limited sales. Consumers really had an interest in this Galaxy Fold, because in just five minutes all units were exhausted of this model. This has been confirmed by Samsung itself in its official profile on Weibo.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

No data has been given on the number of units that have been sold. The normal thing in this type of actions is that they are few, but at least for the firm it is a good sign, that even in a market like China, where they are not very relevant, there is interest in this device.

In any case, the launch of the Galaxy Fold in China is also something of importance. As the Huawei Mate X has been launched also in China, so they compete in this market segment. So having a presence in China with this phone is key in your strategy.

It remains to be seen how this Galaxy Fold sells in the coming months. The Korean firm has clear plans for expand its range of folding phones with new phones, whose sales should also rise significantly in the face of next year, at least according to their forecasts.