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Free up space in your WhatsApp folder with this practical application

Many of us are and many are the times that we have the problem of storage space on our smartphone, the causes may be the huge amount of unnecessary files that applications collect over time and one of the most common is in this case,WhatsApp,mainly because of the multimedia files that are downloaded automatically, like the images and the problem gets bigger when we are in different groups.

First hand, the most pertinent solution would be to deactivate theautomatic downloadof the files, but when we want to delete them, unless we have the patience to navigate in the WhatsApp folder, this is where we can invest the most time to delete some unimportant files, and this is where it comes inWhatsApp cleaner,which is an application with the sole purpose of facilitating the task of deleting those files that only occupy the precious space of the internal memory of our mobile and that at the same time occupy space in our Google Drive if we have the option to make a backup through it.

The interface of the application is extremely simple, because only when opening it will show us the space that is occupied by the multimedia files that are in the WhatsApp folder, dividing the size of each type of file by categories.images, recordings, gifs, videos, audios, documents, wallpapers and profile photos.When entering each category the files that we have received and those that we have sent as well as their duplicates will be shown, however the main quality of this application is that you can program aautomatic file cleaning,eitheran interval of daysor for astorage limit setso we will only adjust it according to our preference and the application will take care of cleaning the files that we indicate.

If you want to get this application, you can do it fromhere.

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