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FREE! Applications and games on Google Play

Make room on your Android device because some discounts are coming that we can not miss, since they are certainly payment applications that we can acquire for free Limited Time. Previously we have informed you of the offers on the Google Play Store, and that is that the discounts do not stop, some go unnoticed, without penalty or glory, but there are others that we have been hunting for a long time, waiting for them to be free or even that Lower their original price a little, and it is that there are actually payment applications that are not really interesting at all, but there are others that are most useful, depending on the user.

Without further ado, we present you the applications found free for a limited time,We hope that they are to your liking and that among them is some of the one you expected your offer, without more to say, disguise them, try them and tell us what you think.

Free apps.

This is a section where we include applications as settings or tools, with some of them you can get better performance from your Android or some useful tools that will get you out of trouble more than once.

  1. Fella for Facebook.
  2. EngWords – Words in English.
  3. GymACE Pro: Workout & Body Log.
  4. 7 Minute Workouts.
  5. PDF Converter
  6. Chemistry.
  7. Screenshot Pro 2.
  8. Sort2Folder – file sorter.
  9. Scale Logic Ad-free.

Free Android games.

The games on the smartphone are the best to kill time, ideal for that moment when you find yourself trapped in the annoying traffic, or in your hour of rest. The best thing is to enjoy a good game, and sometimes -it is not always like that- the best games are the paid ones, and today we present some that have a price but that we will be able to find for free for a limited time.

  1. Hitman Sniper.
  2. Zombie Raid: Survival (Full).
  3. Linia.
  5. Divinerz: Sudoku.
  6. Math-ropolis, educational math app for kids.
  7. Chess 3D Animation: Real Battle Chess 3D Online.
  8. Adventure of Priestess.
  9. The Ball Reach.
  10. Darkland.
  11. Dungeon Defense.
  12. You can escape by rescuing Lucy from PRO prison.
  13. Bit Bit Love.

Free customization apps.

If you have a Launcher installed on your device, these icon packs will drop off wonderfully, they usually have a cost, but for a short period of time you can install them without paying anything, customize your Android for free.

  1. Material Space Theme.
  2. Space Symphony 3D Pro LWP.
  3. Impossible Reality 3D Pro lwp.
  4. Broken 360 Watch Face for Android Wear.
  5. Rocsy Square Icon Pack.
  6. Royal Icon Pack.
  7. Amons Icon Pack.
  8. Icon Pack Backgrounds.
  9. Terra Icon Pack Natural Art.

Reduced applications.

Nobody likes to save a little cash, all the previous applications are completely free, but we also want to mention three that are not completely free, but can be very useful and want to enter the field of offers by lowering their original price, so it is good to include them in the list.

  1. WeatherPro.
  2. Motorsport Manager Mobile 2.
  3. Downwell.

These are the offers that we have hunted for this occasion, but we will be pending to bring you new applications and games that lower their original price, so follow us onTwitter, Facebook and Instagramand be sure to stay on top of the videos on theYouTube channel,since you will find many surprises, which we are sure you will love.

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