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First impressions of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

samsung galaxy s6 edge

At ProAndroid we have been testing the latest flagship device of the Korean company for a few days and before presenting our complete analysis we would like to tell you what our first impressions or crushes we had by having it as the main device.

Although we already had the opportunity to meet him at this year's edition at the Mobile World Congress, we now have a unit to get the most out of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

The first thing that catches your eye when you take it out of the box is undoubtedly the design. Some rounded sides that flatter the screen to give the feeling of infinite frames if we see it from the proper perspective.

Another of the most striking qualities that attract from this device, when having a first contact, is the camera. It is potentially addictive in any hand that wants to take pictures both in detail and remote shots either in automatic mode or in pro mode.

Here you can see a Macro image taken with the Galaxy S6 Edge:

flower galaxy s6 edge

It seems that Samsung has hit the nail on the head Galaxy S6 Edge, a device you fall in love with right out of the box and that it scares at first when thinking if the edges interfere with the experience when using it, but they do not at all.

This has been the most striking thing that has come out of taking it out of the box and soon you will have the complete analysis and in detail of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

Ask us everything you want to know about this great device.