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Fernanfloo and the YouTubers games Are they worth it?

On Android, hundreds of new games appear every day, although not all of them reach the popularity they deserve. On the other hand, fairly simple games achieve great fame in no time.

Today we will talk about one of those cases that give us food for thought. Fernanfloo It is a game that has achieved great fame overnight. Is it the new reveal game?

Fernanfloo, the new fashion game?

fernanfloo 2

Today we are going to talk about one of the games that has become more popular in recent days (and no, it is not Pokemon GO). His name is Fernanfloo, and it is a game that although it was initially a paid game without much success, since last week it has become a huge success, with a number of downloads of between 1 and 5 million and an average score of 4.8 out of 5 with more than 240,000 ratings on Google Play.

fernanfloo valuation

With these figures one must think that it is the true revelation game of the summer, so as expected we have downloaded and tested it to see if it is worth it.

It is a game in which we will spend its entire course on the same screen (although as we go forward, the background will change). We control Fernanfloo, a boy whose weapon is a kind of sausage that he can throw upwards. The objective of the game is to eliminate the flying creatures that hover above us, dodging the excrement (or other projectiles, depending on the enemy) that they are dropping.

fernanfloo downloads 2

The objective of the game is as simple as achieving the highest possible score by eliminating our enemies and collecting coins along the way. The game has power-ups and costumes that we can unlock with the coins we get playing and with real money. These items will give us an advantage in our next games, allowing us to advance further with each new attempt.

Why is this game so popular?

After playing a few games something went through my head. It is an entertaining game, but how good is it to get so many downloads and such a high score?

fernanfloo youtuber

The first thing we thought is that perhaps the developers had paid a bot company to fill their game with positive ratings on Google Play, but in the end it turned out to be something very different (and much more legal).

It turns out that Fernanfloo is the video game for a YouTuber named Fernanfloo. In question, the channel has 14 million subscribers, so it is quite a popular person (although personally I did not know the channel). And of course, the main reason for the initial success of his game is a video in which he talks about his own game through a gameplay. This particular video has 10 million views, which ends up explaining that the game had such a good start.