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Educational apps to review during quarantine

Educational apps

We are experiencing a situation unprecedented in the history of humanity. Nobody imagined that we would face a virus as devastating as the one we are fighting. Y Paying attention to the health authorities, the best way is to stay at home. Are you worried that the little ones lose the thread of the classes? Today we bring you some recommendations in educational Apps mode.

It is clear that 15 days without leaving home give you a lot of free time. We can enjoy small and old leisure time, perform some physical activity within the limitations of each home. But also we can find time to review the acquired knowledge this months. And above all that we have fresh lessons for when we return to normal.

Apps so we don't forget knowledge

It will be difficult to put the little ones in the house to study or review school lessons during these days. Being home without school for them is synonymous with vacation and leisure. Therefore, thanks to these Apps, going over a little and even studying will be much more bearable and fun. Surely we are able to find a space a day for it, and it will even serve to make the day less monotonous.


Desk app

Desk is one of the Apps that arrives from the hand of Santillana. A fundamental editorial in the education of the little ones with a long experience in the sector who has been able to adapt to new teaching methods. Primarily intended for primary students for its content and for its working method.

We find two different stages without needing several Apps that treat different contents depending on the objectives of each stage. In the of 3-5 years, we find different activities that promote basic skills development. It also seeks to consolidate the common concepts that are worked from early childhood education. We see the farm, the trades, the petss, etc.

For the stage from 6 to 11 years we see somewhat more advanced content. In a fun and very visual way, concepts from important subjects such as Mathematics, Language, Sciences, English and Art. We will be able to keep up to date with everything we have learned so far and continue to expand our knowledge that we will soon see again in school itself.

Without a doubt, one App among so many Apps to consider. Thanks to the chips and notebooks that we found, the little ones will soon relate it to school activity. There is also a space to unleash creativity to draw and create freely.



Rosetta Stone Kids

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We found several educational Apps, and here one dedicated exclusively to languages. With it, the little ones will have access to any language they are studying. Although it is not linked to any specific educational program, it is easy to adapt. It has several levels in which to fit the knowledge of each one.

With a lots of dynamic exercises that help them read, speak and study They will not have an excuse to take a brief look at the course syllabus. Thanks to interactive videos where you can see the pronunciations, and repeat as many times as necessary. A proven method with which to learn a new language that makes you speak from the first moment.

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

Rosetta Stone: Learn Languages

My Homework Student Planner

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As its name suggests, we are before an application to organize and plan time. On days when leaving home is not an option, it is even more important to have planned what we want to do today and what we will do tomorrow. Do you want to have everything planned and meet objectives with what the children of the house will do? It can be used to keep parents in check, or to organize themselves.