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Coronavirus: 7 applications to help you quarantine

Thanks to the smartphone you can perform exercise routines at home with applications like Seven

Spending a few days locked up at home is complicated, but when you are with the boys it is even more difficult. Although these 15 days of quarantine are not holidays and the boys have homework, the day may feel too long. And the "I get bored" will be heard more and more frequently.

Many parents do not want their children to spend too much time in front of the
video game console


 or looking


 but the alternatives are not many. So we look for some


 to entertain as a family and try to maintain a certain routine.

The star: Houseparty

Houseparty video calls with games are a great option for having fun with family and friends from a distance

Houseparty video calls with games are a great option to have fun with family and friends from a distance

Perhaps many have already observed that their teenage children are talking to several friends at the same time. There are several alternatives on the market but one that has become fashionable lately is


. Unlike others, it is a social network where you can make video calls with up to eight people, or chat and play with contacts that is part of this application.

It also has fun filters to pass the time and allows you to make private "rooms" so that only those who have entered can speak or play. It really is a lot of fun. It is available for iOS, Android, Mac and Chrome

Play with company, but at a distance

Undoubtedly, during these fifteen days, there will be no shortage of video games in the living rooms of the homes, but among the thousands of options available in virtual stores we suggest that you download


by Plato Team. Why Because it offers an additional ingredient to the rest of video games: the possibility of having virtual board games that you will play with friends, at home. In addition, it offers the possibility of playing them with several people simultaneously. Among the games included in this application are, for example,

Table soccer

, which is a virtual forage;


, the digital version of the renowned card game UNO;


, which is similar to Monopoly;


; Y

4 in stripes

(better known as 4 online). It is available for

Android and iPhone


What am I?

Mica with friends and family

, by 2Minds Dev, is a free game that will allow everyone who is quarantining at home to have fun. To start you must choose a deck among the different categories available. After that, you have to put the cell phone on your forehead and from that moment you must guess the word that the cell phone shows. The rest of the players must help you guess it by answering your questions, doing imitations, dancing, drawing or singing. The person who guesses the most words correctly wins in 90 seconds. We propose that you connect, virtually, with another family or friends, to compete at a distance.

Against boredom

April Coloring by

Crimson Pine Games

, is a coloring book with leo paintings (virtual). It has more than 1000 sheets of great quality and detail. Available for





Sandbox pixel coloring, by Alexey Grigorkin, is a drawing game that allows you to color chill pixel art works with numbers. There are several options to choose from: fruits, lips, cats, gadgets. This relaxing hobby has fun for both adults and children and is compatible with

apple computers




To do exercises at home

The physical state has already begun to worry many. It is that we are at home, without the possibility of going out too much, nor of doing physical activities in gyms or clubs. That is why we believe that having a virtual trainer or an application that guides you to train can be of great help in getting to the end of the quarantine.

Among the large number of programs available, Seven stands out, which allows gymnastics in small spaces. His name (seven in English) makes sense because he proposes to do seven minutes of continuous work. It can be used in

apple computers

 and in



And for those who prefer to exercise and at the same time leave stress behind, we suggest you get off

Yoga Down Dog

 by Yoga Buddhi Co. This application is geared towards practicing yoga at home and is also suitable for beginners. Est for iOS and Android devices.

We have several days ahead but these applications can be very useful to pass the time, entertain ourselves as a family and get us moving.


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