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Camera Go, the app that will revolutionize the photography of cheap mobiles

new google camera go for android go

When we explained what AOSP was, we discussed the differences between the different versions of Android. Among them we mention Android Go, the adaptation designed for low-resource devices. Come on, like the lite version of Google's operating system.

What we did not imagine at the time of writing that article, is that we would immediately receive a related news. It turns out that Google just introduced Camera Go, the light version of the GCam, which is now available for Android Go.

With Camera Go, Google wants to bring the experience of its camera app to Android Go

Android Go is not only a less heavy version of Android, but it also has a series of pre-installed applications that also follow this philosophy. They are Go applications, a kind of basic Google Mobile Services, adapted to consume very little in low-income mobiles.

This list already had apps like Gallery Go, Maps Go, Gmail Go, YouTube Go, and even a compact version of the Google Assistant. Now Camera Go is added, a basic version of Google's fabulous GCam, who hopes to make a lot of noise when he gets to these affordable phones.

How is Camera Go, the light version of Google Camera

google camera go functions

Camera Go has a very simple interface, specially designed for those who only need the basics on a mobile. Visually it is very similar to the standard camera application that Google includes in its Pixels, although it does not work exactly the same.

This simplified version has many of the features of the complete appsuch as portrait mode, video, editing options, and more. However, we do not know whether to have the Astrophotography mode, or a night sight mode as incredible as that of the normal GCam.

But there is more Camera Go has an exclusive function very important for the user. The application constantly checks the storage of your mobile, to know how much free space remains. Thus, not only can you know how many photos you can take, but you can foresee and eliminate some things that you no longer need to get more space.

Camera Go coming soon

availability google camera go nokia 1.3

In the launch video of Camera Go, Google announces that this app brand new with the Nokia 1.3, but ensures that very soon reach all devices that have Android Go. According to the same video, we would be talking about more than 100 million users, in more than 180 countries.

Google's plans with this new application are very ambitious, since it brings the GCam experience to devices with prices around 70. We were talking about a democratization of photography, and If Camera Go is half as good as the standard version, it will be a great success.

Will you give it a try? We are eager to test it, and compare the result against the standard GCam. By the way, we leave you a tutorial in case you want to install the latest version of the Google Camera on any mobile.