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Big sales at Phone House on the occasion of Black Friday


Big sales at Phone House on the occasion of Black Friday

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November 28, 2014

Black Friday at Phone House

Today will be a hectic day for many tech lovers. The Black friday It has been established definitively in Spain and proof of this is that it has been trending on social networks very soon. Phone house It is one of the houses where we will find the most succulent offers throughout the next three days, with all kinds of discounts on tablets, smartphones and accessories.

If you are looking for new mobile or tablet Or add a complement to your current team with which to get more out of it, today is the appropriate day to review the stores and see their proposals on Black Friday. Phone House is one of the franchises more powerful In this sense, and your selection of special offers for today is not wasted.

Deals on tablets

We have seen, of course, a good number of sales in the tablet section. Some of the most prominent are the 7 inch Galaxy Tab 4 for 140 euros, the Galaxy Tab S 10.5 for 422 euros or the LG G Pad 10 inch for 189 euros. In any case, if you want more information about these offers and some others you can take a look here.

Deals on smartphones

If you are looking for a free terminal, there are a few other discounts just as interesting. For example, him Galaxy S4 It goes from costing 349 euros to costing 299 euros and we can choose between the white, blue or red model. The Galaxy S5 Mini It also lowers its price from the usual 399 euros to 266 euros and the HTC One M8 It happens to cost 478 euros. These are just some examples, to see the full offer list you can click here.

Black Friday at Phone House

If you are from Orange or are interested in changing companies, Phone House offers the Galaxy Alpha with a 60% discount and Xperia Z3 Y Z2 with 75% and 30% discount, respectively, on the usual prices.

Accessories offers

As for accessories, we can find things of all kinds, from cases for the iPad, speakers, or portable batteries, to tempered glass protectors.

Either way, we recommend you visit the web and check prices of those products in which you are interested. Remember that all these offers will be available during the next three days.