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Best iPhone Apps and Games of the Week (February 24, 2014)

The best games and apps for iPhone from this week's App Store

There are more and more applications and games in the App Store and sometimes it is impossible to choose the one that best suits each one. So you don't have that problem, in iPadize We have created a list with which apps and games that have captivated us this week, have you tried them all?

This week we have been testing a lot of different apps. With Infinit gallery We have found a way to navigate Instagram photos in a more comfortable way than from the official app. We have saved money using the app BlaBlaCar to find people interested in car sharing. Also we have not had a great time with Flappy wings, one of the most successful alternatives to Flappy Bird. You already know all our apps for the week for iPhone?

The best iPhone Applications and Games that we have downloaded in the week of February 24, 2014


Saving and spending less money on common things is something that everyone likes and with BlaBlaCar it is possible to do it on our trips by car. The idea of ​​the service is simple: gather people who need to travel to a certain place by car (either on time or regularly) and allow them to travel together and share expenses. Do you travel often by car? So you need to try BlaBlaCar.

Those Days

A different way to see all the photos you have stored on your iPhone. Makes locating an image much faster and more efficient. It also displays them in a calendar view, along with important appointments and reminders.

Infinit gallery

The official client for Instagram for iPhone is quite good and allows you to upload photos in a comfortable way, but perhaps not so much to browse the photos of our contacts. With InfinitGallery you will not be able to upload photos, but you will be able to see that of your contacts (or anyone on Instagram who does not have their private profile) in a very comfortable way.


Telegram is still rabid news. The instant messaging service that was born with the intention of overthrowing WhatsApp continues to get users day by day and little by little it is positioning itself as a worthy competitor. Really manage to harm WhatsApp?


You will surely know this app, but if you do not already know it, it is already taking time. Thanks to it, it is possible to maintain contact with people from all over the world in a very comfortable way. You can have conversations in chat, voice calls or even video calls; all this without having to spend a single cent of a euro.

Flappy wings

Flappy Birds is no longer in the App Store, but the app store is full of similar games that try to cover the lack of the original. Flappy Wings is one of the ones that is achieving better results and we cannot stop recommending it if you like games of this type.

XCOM: Enemy Unknow

Become the commander of XCOM, a lite paramilitary organization that will have to fight against a still unknown enemy. Very attentive and careful with your decisions, since they will affect the rest of humanity. A title that was awarded with important awards on PC and consoles and is now also available for iPhone and iPad.

Shadow blade

Guide Koru through challenging levels, overcoming different traps, dodging enemies or directly passing over their corpses until obtaining all the teachings of the last master and can become Shadow Blade.

Mad Skills Motocross 2

The first version of this game was a success and this second installment is on the way to becoming another. It is one of the most realistic motocross games in terms of physics that we can find. It also includes dozens of different circuits and different motorcycles, which makes it very entertaining to play and it is not monotonous at all.