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Ask what you want in your Instagram Stories with the new sticker

How popular did the Instagram stories, truth? They are perfect to communicate something immediate, count our lives in installments or even to do direct: with them you reach a huge number of users who are hooked on these Stories. We can even ask them about what we consider necessary, and not only with surveys: Instagram adds a new sticker.

Until now we could do a survey with a yes or no, we had a sticker available for our followers to express their degree of emphasis with a question … Well, now we can ask them directly. What should you have for dinner today, how would they like you to cut your hair, what is their favorite color… Instagram Stories are now much more interactive.

New question stickers for Instagram Stories: find out what you want from your followers

Ask what you want in your Instagram Stories with the new sticker

The Stories were adding so many options that they are no longer a mere personal and ephemeral showcase, now they are a complete personal marketing set which also extends its possibilities to companies. The developers have made the Stories the most viewed and used of the application, so they must continue improving them.

The use of new questions sticker It is simple, you just need to carry out the following process:

  • Create a new Instagram Story from the screen dedicated to the task.
  • Slide the screen from bottom to top to display the stickers and choose the one for the questions.
  • Ask the question you want and publish the History.
  • Your followers will have the option to answer the question by writing in the sticker box.
  • In the statistics of your Story you will see the answers you received. You can delete these responses and also share them.

The sticker with the new questions is part of the Instagram version 52 and higher. It is currently expanding, so it probably won't appear in your app yet: it doesn't work for us either. Of course, it is a matter of short time: soon you will be able to ask your audience to have specific answers to your concerns.