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Apple News debuts special coverage section for coronavirus

Apple News Cover

Apple is offering Apple News readers in the United States a new section within the app with global coverage about COVID-19 MacRumors reported this morning. Thus serving as an accumulator of news about the pandemic as well as giving advice and recommendations on how to act under the circumstance.

This special coverage is found in section "Apple News Spotlight" and includes the latest news from the main media such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal or Los Angeles Post among others.

Coverage by Apple includes tips and advice on virus symptoms and how to promote a safe environmentFor example, washing hands thoroughly, coughing or sneezing in a handkerchief, or avoiding close contact with convalescent people. To further strengthen this special coverage, Apple has linked its articles and section to pages with official recommendations from national organizations and universities in order to support what has been suggested.

apple-news-coronavirus-coverageSource: MacRumors

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It is not the first time that Apple offers special coverage in the face of an informative phenomenon. A dedicated section promoted by Apple News was already offered for the 2020 presidential race to keep its readers informed.

As we said, this new special section unfortunately only available to readers in the United States. Apple News is currently limited to four countries: the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Australia, so that a good start in most countries that do not have the Apple service for magazines and newspapers will not be able to receive information by This new one goes. It remains to be seen whether, in the other three countries that have Apple's news accumulator, a similar section will be activated to receive exclusive information about the coronavirus.