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All the power from the feminine to the musical with Love Live! All stars

Love Live! All Stars is a musical game with a lot of role set in Japan and that visual aspect that has millions of followers around the world. If we are talking about a musical game it is for a simple reason: you are going to have to keep up with the beat to press, make gestures and hold long keys in order for your artists to progress properly.

A game with a suitable level in the visual and that uses beautiful illustrations to get fully into the student life of a Nijigasaki Institute student located in the Odaiba area from Tokyo. What to say that we will be present before a great soundtrack, although made up of Japanese artists. Go for it.

All very Japanese

Love Live All Stars

Along these lines we usually play all genres, and this musical is widely accepted among millions of people around the world. Being have their quality and a great presence, apart from having a great soundtrack and voices plus very varied musical themes, we have given it a place in Androidsis.

Love Live All Stars

Our goal, apart from getting to know all the story surrounding the group's students and artists, is to get fully into the most musical part by having to use gestures and pulsations to go to the rhythm of our artists.

I mean, we'll see them sing as they go showing up gestures and keystrokes that we have to press. What we like is the great variety of actions that we have, since it is not only a matter of pressing a button over and over again, but that we have to make the lateral or vertical gestures that indicate us, and even long press to perform more actions. complex.

Follow the beat on Love Live! All stars

Love Live All Stars

All this to witness how our artists are composing those songs while they dance with great choreography and put all the necessary talent for our enjoyment. Iros preparing for their voices in Japanese and those songs so well illustrated with well-worked cinematics.

Love Live All Stars

Apart from the music action, we will also be unlocking new members, we will improve them, we will explore new stories and we can even dress them up with those fashionable outfits that could not be missing in a game of this nature.

We are before the third generation of Nijigasaki girls and a very manga game that fans of this type of comics will really enjoy. There are not a few games with this visual theme that have passed through our lines and among them are BLEACH Mobile 3D, Crossing VOID, or One Punch Man himself.

And so fashionable these games

Love Live All Stars

A platform like smartphones have enabled these games to succeed. The fact of being able to enjoy it with friends, then pass screenshots on WhatsApp or visit social networks like Snapchat, have generated billions of downloads. Some games with their peculiarities, but which are overflowing with good work by the design teams in charge of them.

Visually it is a very attractive game just like its musical themes and how well the girls at the Institute are designed. We also like the variety of gestures when fighting in those musical shows and how good the cinematics are. It is a game in general quite attractive and that for fans of them is one of the essentials.

Love Live! All Stars is a game with its details and very musical like many others who have passed through these parts. If you are looking to spend a pleasant time exploring Japanese culture, it is a highly recommended game. As we have said, the followers will have another one of those games with which to enjoy for weeks.

Editor's opinion

An essential game for lovers of the musical genre and with that visual anime touch.

Punctuation: 6.5

The best

  • Packed with voices and musical themes
  • Variety of actions with gestures in musical struggles
  • The overall design


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Love Live! All stars

Love Live! All stars