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Alexa recommends skills to kill confined time

We know it: So much time at home locked up goes a long way if you are not teleworking. From tidying up the house to innovating in the kitchen or, simply, trying to keep the little ones entertained and calm. As the confinement goes on for a long time, if you are an Alexa user and want to be active, these are the skills that Amazon proposes for being some of the most popular among users.

Level up your culinary skills

Amazon Echo Show device and kitchen utensils on a countertop

If you want to take advantage of cooking new dishes with which to get out of the monotone and, at the same time, take care of your food, take a look at the skills Cookpad (they are homemade dishes with the step by step), Direct to the Palate (with thousands of easy recipes to prepare so that the children are also involved) and What how? (for those who want to cook following a diet). If you dare with traditional recipes, try these two of the Spanish gastronomy: Seafood Paella and Cocido Madrileo.

Children: learning is fun

The challenge of entertaining the little ones for so many hours can be an arduous task. These skills They make it very easy for you to get busy. They will love it (and you more). Among those skills Most popular are Trivial Pursuit Family and Trivial Master, the games that test knowledge based on cheese. Guess the movie, for cinephiles, and the classic Veo I see with an original version that explores Alexa's virtual house. More entertaining games perfect for your development: Chained Words, Akinator and Memory Challenge.

To continue learning at home and complement schoolwork, use English with Oxford, the official skill of the publisher of the prestigious University of Oxford, with different levels of difficulty. Little geniuses … from science treats these subjects in a fun way. Another one that can come in handy is Mental calculation with SM to practice with basic sums. The Clan Tales They are adapted to children and contribute to their education in a pleasant way.

A girl sitting on her father's lap at home talking to her mother using an Amazon Echo Show device with an 8-inch screen

A bit of art and history

The pear is available to anyone with the skill Royal Theatre, which is the official one of the Teatro Real, the space of the pear in Madrid. If you want to know more about other periods of History, Just like today tells you a curious fact a day (happened on the date you ask).

It doesn't matter that the gym is closed

In the confinement at home there is a danger of eating too much and getting so fat that you can start rolling. If you want to compensate or even lose weight with diet and gymnastics, with 7-minute training you cannot apologize that you do not have time to exercise. It proposes 13 exercises of 30 seconds each in which the whole body is exercised. If you are looking for something more extensive, My Personal Trainer contains everything you need to get in shape guided by an expert. Professor Mercedes Abaitua also guides you, even visually if your Echo device has a screen, in Dynamic Yoga sessions.

Take care of your mental health with meditation and relaxation

The evolution of the coronavirus does not allow you to leave the house as much as you would like and this, added to the extreme situation you live in, can discourage and stress you. Spend time practicing mindfulness help you evade, calm down and sleep better. Among the most popular, the skill Bamboo with meditations of 5 to 16 minutes and for different purposes. Also Mindfulness, aimed at fighting stress with meditations that help develop mindfulness. If you just want to relax, try listening to Sounds of Nature: you lie on the sofa, ask Alexa to put it on and you can spend up to 4 hours enjoying those sounds that right now you can't hear in reality.

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