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A new groundbreaking card game called Red and Blue

Red and Blue is a new RPG card game for our mobiles that stands out for giving its own spin to the same concept. That is, if we have Hearthstone with those cards between one player and another facing each other, here will be six battlefields in which to deploy those units.

That is we can even improve them to equip them with more units and we can exert greater combat pressure on the enemy. A well-crafted idea that comes accompanied by great technical and visual realization. So let's do it with Red and Blue and its hundreds of megabytes of downloads.

A card game that has everything to be revolutionary

Red and Blue

Red and Blue arrives as an innovative Hearthstone-style RPG card game although with its differences in concept. Especially in what are the battlefields and what is the radical difference to other games like that. This allows us start other strategies and that will lead us to having to learn how to play well.

Basically we are talking about 6 battlefields that we have visually divided in the center of the game screen. That is three are for the southern part and another three for the northern part or that of the opponent. Each of these battlefields we can unlock and increase their level. As we improve them, we will be able to assign more units and thus procure greater combat and skill damage.

Red and Blue

These are the two main aspects and that differentiate Red and Blues from other games such as the aforementioned Blizzard. For the rest of the elements, we will quickly go to the game, since a series of cards will be generated that we can use as the game progresses. Logically they are games of 1v1 and being in beta we only hope that little by little more players will participate to feel part of a community.

More than 750 cards to create your own decks in Red and Blue

Red and Blue

Dynamic battlefields offer a very different experience and at the moment that let's get the hang of it can offer tactics and moves that we had not had in other games. If we add to this the more than 750 cards, we are going to have to break our heads a bit to orchestrate these tactics to face other players.

And we have not commented also the traps for the battlefields that they can grant another point of strategy very different from what we have been able to find in other games.

Definitely, Red and Blue is a beta card game with those sought-after RPG elements and with a different base conception than other similar games like Blizzard's Herthstone. Highly recommended.

Red and Blue

Red and Blue