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a free photo app for the demanding

Over the years we have seen many photography apps come and go on Android. Some were simpler and others more complex. But in recent times, smartphones have improved significantly in this section and it was logical that applications also did so.

We recently talked about Moment Pro Camera, an app that came to Android with a good track record. But it was paid, and we know that this will put many of you back.

So today we bring another advanced photography application that has a free version in addition to the one that costs money. Is named DSLR Camera HD Professional.

A very careful interface

Like any professional application, this one has an interface with many options, but it is not overwhelming. It highlights the presence of the zoom in a sliding element under the shutter.

In the left area we have the most used options, such as ISO, camera change, scenes and access to settings.

At the top we have the white balance, focus mode, flash and shooting type. In this last option we can choose the normal, HDR, burst …

Manual control at another level

Each of these parameters has many options inside, which means that we can spend a lot of time simply configuring how we want the terminal to take the image.

The resolution can also be changed, as well as the way in which we will see the image through the screen.

As far as video is concerned, we can change from the resolution (it records up to 4K) to whether or not we want it to stabilize the shots, through whether or not to enable the audio.

Lots of options

But what personally caught my attention the most about this application is the amount of adjustments it has.