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5 cheap Steam games to play online with friends during quarantine

Home confinement becomes a bit of a hassle when new series and movies start to run out, however video games can bring us closer to our friends and family for some fun sea parties. For this, we have made a short list with 5 multiplayer games(and some more) very cheap that are for sale in Steam without the need for other participants to purchase it to be able to play all.

That is, thanks to the characteristic Remote Play Together From Steam, only a single copy of the game is required for other players to join the game. Very interesting precisely in the current times.

5 cheap multiplayer Steam games with Remote Play Together

Rocket League, football but with cars

He is one of the funniest Steam multiplayer of recent years and seems to still have some time left. In Rocket League, your team competes against the opponent to score more goals, that's right, driving some vehicles that promise various virgueras. Of the craziest, most frantic and fun titles you can enjoy these days.

The base game isfor sale on steam by 20, although it is not difficult to find it much cheaper outside the platform.

Pummel Party, a Mario Party Hacendado ideal to break friends

If you've ever played a Mario Party, you will know that it is perfect to play with friends (sometimes, even to lose them). Pummel Party It is clearly inspired by the same format as the popular success of Nintendo, since the mechanics, broadly speaking, are the same.

We have a boardwe throw a dice and according to the number we get, we will move through it to reach the chest. After each round, they will present us with a minigame random in which when we win we will get keys, necessary to unlock said chest.

You can get hold of Pummel Party on Steam by 12.49 right now. Perhaps the only bad thing is that it is only available in english.

UNO, the mythical card game also has its online version

For that group of friends who, every time they meet, take time out to play ONEIn this state of exception, you can continue to create chaos through the screen. Also, if that were not enough, it integrates your own video chat system so that we don't miss the reactions of our colleagues.

On steam We can find a demo to try it, or buy it for 9.99 (although it is currently on sale for only 2.99), a very good price whatever.

Rayman Legends, a game with rhythm and various mini-games

Rayman Legends is one of those titles that you can enjoy so much you just like with friends, although the truth is that it has several minigames (such as football) that are really fun when we try them with more people.

Its main mode is to run through phases of lateral advancement avoiding obstacles and enemies, sometimes seasoned with background music and rhythms that go along with the action on screen, creating a very satisfying gameplay.

Rayman Legends is an eternal game on sale, which has appeared in several Humble Bundle and is currently you can buy on steam for only 4.99 (free demo available).

Dragon Ball Fighter Z, possibly the best game in the series

For fans of Goku and company, one of the best fighting games not only from the Akira Toriyama franchise, but from the video game genre, is this Fighter Z. Count with one character roster quite varied (and constantly updated is additional paid content) and is one of the most recommended if we want to measure ourselves with friends online.

Maybe on steam it's not too cheap (59.99) but, again, we can get the base game for about 10 if we quickly search for a key for Steam on Google. However, it often drops its price frequently.

Special mentions that are also worth

Overcooked 2: Considered one of the best cooperatives in the world.

Left 4 Dead 2: A first-person shooter game set in a zombie apocalypse.

Worms Armageddon: Although there is a new Worms in development planned for this 2020, the classic is one of the safe bets.