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3D graphics for Galaxy Airforce War with its lights and shadows

3D graphics for Galaxy Airforce War with its lights and shadows

We are used to killing Martians with the top view, but this time Galaxy Airforce War brings us the novelty of a more third-person perspective and that allows us to see more of the area through which our ship flies over the terrain.

An interesting shooters that does have a handicap and is the excessive price of skills and everything that is part of the freemium elements of this type of games. Otherwise it is an arcade that can be played, so let's go to it.

With a different perspective

Galaxy Airforce War

There are many matamarcianos on other types of platforms that have used the perspective that we have in Galaxy Airforce War, and have always been characterized by a great visual display, as happens with this game in which they did not want to leave out that realistic touch in the environments and a 3D that performs quite well.

It would be necessary to see if the same can be said in a mid-range phone, since the performance is good, but sometimes it shows that he's a little "heavy". Be that as it may, we are facing a very worthy killing machine in which combat is the best and in which we are going to have an important generation of all kinds of visual effects.

That is to say, everything that we look for in a matamarcianos when entire squads of enemy ships they launch towards us, or the typical final ship that launches multiple projectiles with the sole mission of damaging our ship and it explodes.

80 types of weapons, shields and upgrades in Galaxy Airforce War

Galaxy Airforce War

Another of the virtues of this new Android game is its improvements, shields and weapons. In total we have more than 80 and they will allow us to generate a large deployment of combat force to eliminate hundreds of enemy ships that will try to do the same against us.

We must also have their levels and that according to the study in charge of their development from the product page in the Play Store, are more than 150 levels. So we have fun for a while, as long as we do not need the crystals to continue playing, since we have a limited life. As a freemium title that demands that we use the crystals, which would be like the game's own currency and you already know what we are talking about.

Another of the virtues, and essential in these shooters, is the possibility of improve our ship to make it more powerful. It also encourages you to keep playing to have that super special ship that is capable of wiping out enemy hordes at a stretch, so it's more than necessary that these elements be present, just as it is with Galaxy Airforce War.

Galaxy Airforce War

There are two aspects that must be taken care of, and one of them is going to be complicated because you would have to do a complete redesign of the menus. And it is not that they are updated, they do behave well visually and are on par with the rest of the game, although they look a bit rough. The other aspect that the players did not like very much is the excessive cost of the freemium and that is not understood.

We are left with the combat and that given perspective that at certain times generates a good gaming experience. It gives that feeling of fly over well-groomed environments and it offers us the ability to foresee the movement strategy to follow. That being said, scrolling and interacting is sometimes complicated, as you can move forward or backward, but it's not very intuitive. Another thing to improve.

Galaxy Airforce War is an interesting shooters that has its details and its virtues. It is clear that fans of the genre is a game to vitiate, but for the rest it may have that rough point that forces us to move on to other games; how could this classic be among the classics. Be that as it may, you have it available for free.

Editor's opinion

An interesting matamarcianos that stops being played, although it has some weak points such as its difficult control, the roughness of the menus and the excessive cost of freemium.