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Xiaomi patents a very twisted way of placing the cameras

New Xiaomi patent

Not even with the coronavirus crisis do the brands stop surprising us. Regarding the issue of how to place the cameras of a terminal we have talked long and hard, about whether the notch, the pop-up cameras or the hole in the screen is better. Although each user can have their personal tastes, it seems that the different companies keep trying to hit the right key.

Because Xiaomi, has just filed a curious patent for a possible future model that has truly caught our attention. This is not the first time that the Chinese company has left its comfort zone, it has already done so with the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha, although this time the truth is that the idea, if it were to run, could be much more useful than that strange terminal.

Xiaomi files a camera patent … very twisted

xiaomi patent

As we can read in the 91mobiles medium, it would be a flexible screen phone in which the cameras would be embedded in the form of holes. This is not new, we have seen it before, but the grace is that the part of the screen where the cameras are is flexible being able to move both to the front and to the back of the device, depending on whether we want to take a normal photograph or a selfie.

If the screen is not "twisted", we are facing a device with the front much used, with two cameras on top and giving the feeling of being a normal terminal with its on / off and up and down buttons volume on the side parts. If on the other hand, we decided to flip the screen to the rear, this part could be used for notifications or any other function that the Chinese company offered to the user, as can be seen in the images that accompany this article.

Xiaomi patent
As we always say, that a firm patents an idea does not mean that in the end it will be executed or we will see it in the market. For example, a few days ago Apple patented an idea to make the screens of its devices be anti-treads and peepers, but another thing is that at some point this technology is integrated into its products. The same goes for this Xiaomi technology.

In short, it seems that the brands are going to continue trying to discover what is the best way to make the screens have their most used front and especially know What is the best way to place the cameras in their terminals. We really don't know if this way of twisting a screen would be the optimal way, but it sure is a lot better than damn pop up cameras.

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