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WHO Bot on WhatsApp about the coronavirus: adelo


One of the keys to dealing with the COVID-19 epidemic is to rely only on official information, that's why the World Health Organization (WHO) has launched a bot about the coronavirus on WhatsApp, who send us updated news and advice.

We have already seen that WhatsApp has created a guide to stop the hoaxes of the coronavirus, and now it can become a tool to spread reliable and safe information, something important, since the more than 2 billion users of the app represent a huge audience in Europe , current focus of the pandemic.

Stop Covid-19, the Generalitat coronavirus app

Despite the fact that WhatsApp does not support bots natively, the WHO has mounted it using a verified WhatsApp Business account, through a menu with numbers, so that we get different answers depending on the number with which we answer.

It is possible to access the bot using the link we left at the end of the post, or add the next number to the phonebook:

+41 79 893 18 92

Although it is a Swiss phone, send and receive messages by WhatsApp it has no cost in no case.

Unfortunately, the bot about the coronavirus only works in english for the moment. If we want to start interacting with it we must write "hi" ("hello" in English) and show us the available options.

Image - WHO Bot on WhatsApp about the coronavirus: add it

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the bot is that provides updated information every time we ask for it. A link to a website (not to mention a chain of messages on WhatsApp) may not reflect reality in such a changing situation, but the WHO bot will.

If we speak English, it represents a good alternative, but without neglecting the advice of the health authorities of our country. For example, in Spain we have the Ministry of Health, although there are other options such as the official website of the Community of Madrid on the coronavirus.

In any case, the WHO bot on WhatsApp is a valuable resource, which allow us to receive advice and indications about the current epidemic in a timely and accurate way, so it is worth trying it.

Mail to send letters to coronavirus infected

What do you think of this bot? Do you see it useful for the World Health Organization to have a presence on WhatsApp to report on COVID-19?

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