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WhatsApp will allow you to check if the message is a hoax

WhatsApp It is the most used messaging app in the world, in fact, it has more than 2,000 million active users, and that means a large number of daily messages and among them the hoaxes.

WhatsApp is already tired of fighting hoaxes, but does not give up. Hoaxes and fake news will be powerful as long as users don't learn to differentiate real information from false information, an official website of a phishing, a true text of an unreal one, etc.

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The messenger app under the umbrella of Facebook will launch in the coming weeks the search for messages in Google, as reported by WABetaInfo, that is, when we receive a message (a typical chain message that has been forwarded over a hundred times), it will allow us to search for information on the Internet.

It seems that WhatsApp is working on functions that we already created forgotten, since in recent days it became known that WhatsApp was working again on the automatic deletion of private messages .

Now history repeats itself, we say this, because a year ago we talked about WhatsApp allowing Google to search for message images to find out if they were a hoax or not.

It never saw the light, and now it reappears in the WhatsApp beta for Android.

Image - WhatsApp will allow you to check if the message is a hoax

What this new update brings is a warning that puts the user in a situation, that is, they warn us that that message we have received has been shared several times. Not only this, but next to the message that has been forwarded to us, a magnifying glass icon.

If we click on this icon, a dialog box pops up asking us if we want to search for that text in Google. If we click on "search the web", a tab opens and everything related to that text appears.

Image - WhatsApp will allow you to check if the message is a hoax

Among all those search results, we will surely be warning that this information is a hoax that runs on the Internet.

It is believed that this novelty is very advanced and that it could be released in the coming weeks in the form of an official update. But so far they have not warned of anything, that, just as it is about to leave the oven, they could also leave it standing another year.

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