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WhatsApp add an anti hoax and anti fake news function

WhatsaAPP WITH dark theme on Android

WhatsApp is the messaging application most used by millions of people throughout the world. Although it is one of the most useful tools that we can find in both the Google and Apple app stores, WhatsApp also has its dangers. Not only because they can hack us, just like what happened to the richest man in the world, the owner of Amazon, but for the amount of false information or fake news that comes to us every day through this app.

Despite WhatsApp's attempts to end the scourge of hoaxes and false news, it is evident that after the coronavirus crisis that we are currently experiencing, this has grown again. For this reason, the app now owned by Facebook is working on a new feature to end all these lies and message chains in the form of fake news that come to us day and day too.

WhatsApp aims to end the hoaxes with this new feature that will arrive soon

WhatsApp new anti-hoax function

As we can read in Wabetainfo, WhatsApp would have added a new version of its app in beta form, 2.20.94. The most interesting thing about this update is the function of "search messages on the web" that will allow us to search the internet for the messages we have received to find out if they are false or not.

That is, if at any time we receive a message that alerts us to a particular situation or if we receive one of those very annoying chains, with this function that appears in the form of a magnifying glass, We can go directly to the internet and know if the information received is false or not. Undoubtedly, a very interesting and above all important feature, and more in the time in which we are living, that we believe everything they tell us and we do not contrast any type of information.

"Search messages on the web" is still in development so we do not really know when it will officially go out and know the history of WhatsApp surely we will have to wait a long time. As Wabetainfo well reminds us, a year ago, WhatsApp was also working on a function that would allow us to search for information on the images that we would receive and as we all know, this feature has not yet reached the official app after all this time.

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WhatsApp has many good ideas, but the truth is that it takes them a long time to put them into practice, something that has turned their main competitors like Telegram into much more complete, functional and secure tools. Despite everything, WhatsApp continues to reign on the phones of most users, so in view of the fact that we will still have to wait a long time to use this anti-hoax function, it is very important not believing everything we receive and especially contrasting all the information that our contacts send us.

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