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WeTransfer updates its application and ends up destroying it

Developers can't sleep with their apps because the competition is as hot as the sun on an August noon. Hence, there are continuous changes in the apps, usually minimal or related to the interface. And what happens when an application decides completely reinvent yourself? It can go well or lose most users, as is happening to WeTransfer.

Surely you know this service with which to share all kinds of files: WeTransfer It is tremendously popular in the professional field. The expression "I send you a WeTransfer" Is the order of the day. After the last update, WeTransfer has lost its essence on Android, also on iOS.

How can an application dedicated to sending files be recycled? In a cloud storage service. WeTransfer has gone from making the task of sharing easier to becoming a kind of Google Drive. And its users did not like it at all: as of July, the date of the update, the ratings on Google Play plummeted from the average of 4.76 to 1.47. Almost nothing.

WeTransfer becomes an uncertain cloud storage service

WeTransfer updates its application and destroys it

Average rating on Google Play on AppBrain

As you can see in the image, the bump that has stuck WeTransfer after the update it is of order. This new version was not liked by regular users; who have gone on to share their discomfort in the form of comments and ratings on Google Play.

WeTransfer has become a kind of Google Drive or Dropbox with a cloud storage service organized in planks or «boards». You can create whatever you want to organize your photos, videos and files; allowing from uploading them with the mobile to taking photos directly with the camera to attach them to one of the mentioned boards. The funny thing is that WeTransfer does not save the files on the mobile, yes it does on your servers.

WeTransfer updates its application and destroys it

The new application, which was first on iOS, came to Android on July 13, expanding the sending and sharing options. Everything you create with the application will remain active on the WeTransfer servers; at least while using the mobile app: the boards (and their content) are removed after 3 months without interaction. Each element of the boards, or the entire board, can be shared with a WeTransfer link. This makes it much more complicated to share files since you have to create a board, upload the elements and get the link, something that was previously done in a single step.

The application has changed, but still allows you to share what you want

WeTransfer updates its application and destroys it

WeTransfer it has been renewed in an attempt to compete with its competition, as Google Drive or Dropbox. Instead of uploading the file and getting the link, it now offers virtual space in the cloud through the application, without registration. It has slightly complicated the process, yes, but it has not eliminated it.

WeTransfer seeks to attract another audience, not just the one who wants to share a heavy file. Personally, the change does not seem so bad, although it is not a service that I will use. Do you use WeTransfer and you did not like the change? Then you are among the majority of its users.