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We will not have an iPhone 9 keynote in March, Apple cancels it due to the coronavirus

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For several weeks we have known that Apple was preparing an event to present new devices that should take place throughout this March. Rumors reported a keynote on March 31, however <strong>problems that is causing in coronavirus COVID-19 in the world has forced to change the plans of Apple</strong>.</p><p>It seems that the virus is going to delay the production of the new iPhone and <strong>Apple has decided to delay this possible March event, or even cancel it.</strong>, according to an Apple source who has allegedly spoken to <em>Cult of Mac</em>. It is true that this keynote was never made official, in fact Apple should have sent the invitations to the media this week, but everything indicated that the event was ready.</p><div class=

This source rebels that Apple was really concerned about bringing so many people together at Apple Park and the new measures taken by the local government have finally convinced the company. Santa Clara County, within which Cupertino is located, yesterday banned all gatherings of 1,000 or more. The ban is from March 11 to April 1, so Apple couldn't hold a big event in March even if it wanted to.

A postponed or canceled event?

The event is not going to be held in March for various reasons, nor is the production of the new iPhone 9 or iPad Pro that were to be presented performing as expected, Apple was afraid that attendees could catch it and, in addition , such massive gatherings have just been banned. But now we wonder if this keynote has been permanently canceled or if it has only been delayed for a few weeks.

Tim Cook

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Apple has different options. If the production of the new devices improves in China, may present the new devices through press releases as has happened on other occasions, although we believe that, especially the new iPad Pro and its camera system deserved a demonstration.

On the other hand Apple may hold an exclusive online event, without an accredited press, in which it would show the new products and demonstrate its capabilities, an exclusive online keynote. Ultimately Apple may also delay the event by a few weeks., the ban is currently until April 1, so Apple could delay this keynote for 1 or 2 weeks on its scheduled date and continue as if nothing had happened.

On the horizon is still one of the most important events of the year for Apple, WWDC June 20. At this multi-week developer event, Apple not only presents news about its operating systems, but also organizes workshops and talks with developers from around the world who can attend. Despite being held in June, it is normal for the celebration date and tickets to go on sale throughout this month, but Apple also does not seem convinced to celebrate WWDC this year. Again on the table is the possibility of celebrating it exclusively online, but only time will tell.