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Twitter for Android updates its interface with a new lower menu

With so many applications to interact on Twitter as it is, it is the official one that usually takes the longest to integrate new options. We already know that Twitter for Android It is not that it is the best in the world, but only with it you can access functions such as surveys or push notifications. Now it has also introduced an important novelty in its appearance: bottom menu.

Twitter for Android joins the trend in interfaces passing all the tabs from the top to the bottom. With this not only the design is renewed, but also a better use of the options is achieved since, with the screens as large as we have lately, have the menu items below makes it easy to use with one hand. Of course, this interface change brings an unpleasant surprise.

Twitter for Android adapts the menu to the bottom by eliminating scrolling by sliding

Twitter for Android updates its interface with a new lower menu

Left, old design; right, new interface

One of the native options in the application was to move around it using gestures. In this way we could go to the explore tab from the timeline just by sliding your finger from right to left; Scrolling in this way to the rest of the tabs with the option of returning to the timeline with a «swipe» in the opposite direction. That ended.

Twitter for Android has adapted the menu by removing gestures for everything but display settings on the left side. We can access the information of our profile, and its settings, by sliding your finger on the screen from left to right. From our point of view the elimination of gestures is a clear step back in ease of use.

Twitter for Android updates its interface with a new lower menu

Apart from these changes in the Twitter interface, it has also recently introduced Ads in the «Explore» tab. They will appear in the form of banners, as the featured «Moments» that we can currently see. This advertising option will be progressively expanded.

To have the new lower menu you do nothing: Twitter will update it automatically activating it from their servers.