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Travel restrictions are delaying iPhone 12 verification tests

iPhone 12 pro concept

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a serious threat to global health, but it is also causing major economic problems for companies around the world, and one of them is Apple. The Cupertino's company plans may be seriously delayed by the virus and a new report from Digitimes corroborates it.

Apple has been forced to close stores in several countries, including advising its own Apple Park workers not to go to the company's Cupertino headquarters and to opt for work from home if possible. These restrictions also apply to international Apple workers who are prohibited from traveling to certain locations.

And it is precisely these prohibitions that could delay the presentations of new devices such as the iPhone 12. We already told you a few days ago that it was not at all clear that Apple could present the iPhone 12 in the month of September As every year and this new report reveals that the company has had to delay verification tests of the iPhone 12 because it could not travel to China.

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IPhone 12 in danger

Although it may not seem like it, we are in a key stage for the new iPhone. Apple begins testing with different prototypes around this time so that everything is ready before summer to start production of the new iPhone. If these tests are delayed, the entire process may do so.

According to the Taiwanese publication, Apple has extended by one month the restrictions that it has imposed on its engineers to travel to China, so for now until April no company worker will make any business trip to Asia. These restrictions have caused the delay of the verification tests of the iPhone 12, the so-called "engineering verification tests", Or EVT.

Production of new devices generally begins in the summer, but during the first months of the year, Apple employees visit China to refine assembly processes with manufacturing partners like Foxconn. EVT testing is critical as that is when Apple and manufacturers get a key design to start production, which typically starts in late June. This means that if EVT tests are delayed by 1 or 2 months, the production of the new iPhone will inevitably do too.

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However, Apple could have, at least partially, advanced these meetings through videoconferences and could still be on time. At the moment it is something that we do not know and that will not be revealed until the next few months, however if the coronavirus continues to expand over the next few months it is more than likely that the launch of The new iPhone 12 will be delayed by at least a month or two.

Recall that Apple is expected to present this year 4 different models of iPhone 12, two normal 5.4 and 6.1 inch models, and two Pro models of 6.1 and 6.7 inch size. This means that its manufacture will be more difficult than that of the current iPhone 11 that share design with the iPhone of last year. Hopefully the coronavirus will be controlled soon, by everyone's bine.