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Train and manage your football team: Championship Manager 17

Soccer leagues around the world are one step away from starting. Perhaps the sporting expectation will now be taken by the Rio Olympics, but in a few weeks we will be surrounded by balls, transfers, Champions League games … And also by news related to the coaches. Would you like to be one of them? Square Enix gives you the chance: Championship Manager 17 is here.

No, Square Enix is ​​not only dedicated to Final Fantasy and other well-known RPGs, it also distributes sports management games like the one in question. Updated to the season that is upon us, with more than 450 clubs from more than 15 countries, with 25 different leagues… If you always wanted to be a coach, Championship Manager 17 is your springboard to the bench.

Soccer team management for the 2016-2017 season

Train your favorite soccer team with Championship Manager 17

The main claim of Championship Manager 17 is the fact of being updated to the season that is about to start. The whole game focuses on the management and administration of the teams, with what that entails. Transfers, alignments, tactics, training … The objective is get the team you lead to glory this season. Which, as usually happens in reality, costs effort and a lot of money.

The simulation of the entire environment is extremely realistic. Championship Manager 17 integrates the management fields where a club and coach carry out their work, including the real players of the season. This is, without a doubt, one of its main qualities: the simulation game includes the real names of the teams as well as coaches and players.

Train your favorite soccer team with Championship Manager 17

The number of elements included increases the possibilities of administration: you have to be aware of every detail if you want to achieve victory. This includes the respective improvements via in-app purchases, something that Championship Manager 17 does not escape. Starting with the club for the first choice: the best will only be available by purchasing a badge.

Manage the equipment of your dreams just as you would like

How many times do you say that about "With me as coach the team would win titles"? The time has come to prove it: Championship Manager 17 puts at your disposal all the tools to elevate the club of your dreams right to the altar it deserves. And beating rivals on the way is not bad either; especially if you steal the best transfers from them.

You can now download Championship Manager 17 from the Google Play Store. The download is free; Progressing the game can cost you money.