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Top 10 global pandemic movies and series

Best movies and series global pandemics

Looking for pandemic series or movies? Well what more is not said! Here we are going to show you which are the best movies and series that you can find on the Internet to make confinement much more enjoyable.

In case you have Netflix, you should know that it is not the only service to watch movies. Here are 5 free alternatives to this platform that you can use. Let's go now with those pandemic movies, Will they overcome reality?

Top 10 global pandemic movies and series

Before showing you the global pandemic series and movies that you can watch online and from the comfort of your home, it is important to mention that not all are dubbed into spanish. Most of the series can only be viewed with subtitles (depending on the platform you use).

Epidemic (Movie)

Available on Netflix, it is a movie that hit theaters in 1995 and is starring a cast of luxury among which are Renee Russo, Patrick Dempsey, Dustin Hoffman, Morgan Freeman among others.

The plot of the film tells us in 1967, when Billy Ford (starring Morgan Freeman) discovers in Zaire a virus called speckled. This virus has a mortality rate of 100%. In this situation, the United States government decided to bomb the infected town to destroy the outbreak, although 30 years later an epidemic will break out that will endanger everyone.

Contagion (Film)

Released in 2011, This film tells us how a simple contagion can trigger the spread of a disease that suddenly arises.

It all starts with an American woman who becomes infected when visiting a casino in China. After contracting the virus, the woman in question returns to the United States and that's where the disease becomes a pandemic. To try to find a vaccine, a WHO doctor embarks on a journey to follow in the footsteps of the woman who became infected with the virus. In this way, try to find the patient zero and prevent the contagion from increasing.

Virus (Film)

Netflix undoubtedly knows when to put interesting movies so that its clients can occupy their free time. One of those films is Virus, a film released in 2013 that has become very popular during this time. the same shows us how a simple virus can become a pandemic if people do not respect quarantine or confinement and decide to do as they please

Twelve Monkeys (Movie)

With a more than impressive cast: Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe and many others, Twelve Monkeys depicts the story of a prisoner named James Cole who, in a post-apocalyptic world, volunteer for a scientific experiment. This experiment aims to travel to the past to find out what caused the situation in which one lives in the future, what situation? The one that caused the Earth's surface to be contaminated with a virus so powerful that it forced everyone to live under the ground.

Infected (Film)

A dangerous virus has spread throughout the planet Earth and is annihilating most of the population. Four young people, who have not yet been infected, head to a beach near the Gulf of Mexico with the intention of taking refuge until this epidemic passes. But what they did not know is that on that beach the situation is not very different from that of the rest of the world.

28 days later (Movie)

London is in ruins, the streets once crowded are now completely deserted. Following the spread of a virus that wiped out most of Britain's population, the invasion of some terrifying beings took place. The virus spreads easily and this causes the infected to multiply every minute. In 28 days the epidemic has spread throughout the country and only a handful of survivors remain who must try to find a cure so that humanity can still stand.

The Last Ship (Series)

Released in 2014, this series continues to release chapters (although filming has been suspended indefinitely). The Last Ship tells the story of how a global pandemic has wiped out 80% of the population. But all is not lost, as the 218 crew members of a United States Navy destroyer will try to find a cure to save all of humanity.

The Hot Zone (Miniseries)

Dramatic mini-series released on May 27, 2019 that tracks the origins of the ball virus, which is highly infectious and deadly. The chapters of this miniseries tell us about the beginning and the outcome of this virus from the year 1989, when it suddenly appeared in primates in a laboratory in Washington, until the present time.

Containment (Series)

After hundreds of cases of sick patients due to a deadly epidemic have been disclosed, the city of Atlanta decides to quarantine completely so that the virus does not continue to advance. The argument of this series ends up moving to those affected within the perimeter, who do not know how to act in this situation.

The Strain (Series)

It all starts when a Boeing 777 plane lands at JFK Airport In New York from Berlin. It stops on the runway suddenly and airport workers discover that there are bodies inside the plane. Everything seems to indicate that a virus affected all the passengers of the plane, but as the investigation continues they realize that this is not a simple virus. It is a series that premieres in 2014 and that to this day still has new chapters.

Some of the global pandemic movies and series on the list are on Netflix., others on HBO and some on Amazon Prime. Similarly, if you do not find them on the platforms mentioned above, we recommend you see which are the best platforms to watch series and movies for free in Spain by clicking here. There you will surely find some other platform that has these series and films in its catalog.