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This smart mattress takes care of your health while you sleep

Among the innovations of recent times, it is impossible to leave out the various solutions that have been developed to help people fall asleep for their well-being.

In that sense, applications and wearables, among other gadgets, have been protagonists; however, this group is worth adding to the Leios smart mattress, designed for the elderly and injured, as it has been endowed to reduce bedsores and promote better blood circulation during sleep.

According to cnet review, this proposal from the company Molten Corp, based in Hiroshima, has intelligent technology that determines when the user is not in the best resting position.

In the same way it has been known that the intelligent mattress Leios comes equipped with a monitor and controller; the first, offers a real-time analysis of the body, highlighting the areas most in need of relief; while the controller adjusts the position of the body parts.

The monitor also displays physical movements in the mattress, as do many of the mobile apps that record sleep patterns.

Also, Leios comes with other comfort features; Among them, cooling and heating, as well as the position adjustment together with an electric bed, which can be turned off to make the surface flat and perform special patient care.

As for price, it has been known that the product is expected to sell at 800,000 yuan, which translates to about 6,795 US dollars.

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