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This is what your brand should know about the new Twitter tool

  • This new tool is expected to allow users to see tweets relevant to your favorite topics in your feed

  • Also, people can customize when and how they want this list of resources

  • The idea is that other people who follow this profile can also see the interests that have been marked

One of the few certainties in the social media sector is constant innovation. And is that platforms like Facebook, YouTube and TikTok must present new features to advertisers and the audience for two reasons. First, to adapt to trends in the use of digital platforms. Second, so that both users and brands continue their interaction on the site. Thus, it is crucial that businesses learn about each new tool.

Through a publication on the same social network, Twitter announced that it has just brought a new function to the platform within Mexico. It is the Themes tool, which in theory will help users have a much more personalized experience while on the website. People within the country should be able to access this feature, either from the app mobile as from the page, from right now.

From a web browser, people will have to find the tool in the More Options menu. In the case of app, at least in the case of Android, be available after pressing the profile portrait. Once entering this function, people will be able to explore a number of topics and concepts, grouped into five groups: Sports, Gaming, Music and Radio, Entertainment and Hobbies and Interests. These will then be added to the account.

Why should your brand be aware of this tool?

As already stated, social media is constantly looking for new things to offer users and advertisers. Yesterday, Reddit presented a tool for brands to buy their place in the company's trends. LinkedInInstead, a few weeks ago he showed a utility to help people with a criminal past to find a job. Y Snapchat You've long since added mental health resources to your mobile app.

Related Notes

What brands could benefit from this Twitter tool? Since the social network is describing this feature, adding these topics to your profile will allow people to see, first of all, the most relevant posts on those topics. This means that, with a correct organic impact strategy, companies will be able to connect in more points with their audiences. But there are other benefits that may take a little longer to arrive.

For example, as users add relevant topics to their profiles, you can have a more accurate measurement of the interests of audiences. This means that brands will be able to thank this tool for a more precise way of positioning their commercial offer before the appropriate public. At some point, as it already does with trends, Twitter may allow companies to buy their place on top of these Themes.

The importance of chasing trends

It is not the only tool that has reached the social media market promising a higher level of personalization. Spotify, in 2019, for example present two new playlists that are built from the consumption habits of your public. For last may, Facebook presented some utilities to allow SMEs to provide a more accurate service to their public. In October, LinkedIn introduced more measurement strategies.

It is essential that both platforms and companies bet on techniques or utilities (such as the Twitter tool) that provide personalized experiences. According Back To Proof, points out that it allows companies to have better, more effective Call-To-Action. In data from PNC Solutions It also increases user experience and, consequently, loyalty. Finally, NGData He claims that it is crucial to differentiate the business from its rivals.