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They create a method to avoid spying on the iPhone screen

Has it happened to you that you go on public transport or on the street and suddenly have that uncomfortable feeling that someone is looking at the screen of your cell phone? Well, that digital voyeurism is quite common and it is possible that right now you are reading this note on someone else's device.

And one of the companies that are concerned about the privacy of its users and that wants to continue working on tools to make screen confidentiality possible is Apple.

Those in Cupertino just got a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the new technology of smartphones, tablets and laptops that could stop meddlesome people.

The patent is called "Gaze-Dependent Screen Encryption" and basically offers a filter capable of preventing the person next to you from seeing what you're looking at on your cell phone.

Apple screen privacy patent

"In this way, only the content on the screen that the user is actively viewing is recognizable and understandable, and a viewer such as an unwanted observer looking over the user's shoulder cannot understand what is displayed," the patent summary.

BlackBerry has already tried something similar with a tool called Privacy Shade, however, the difference is that you need to use your fingers to mark the parts you want to read and the ones you want to hide.

In its detailed description of the new feature it intends to incorporate through this patent, Apple argues: “This topic provides visual encryption systems and methods that dynamically update display frames so that the display content at the location of User display is clearly displayed and the display content on the user display periphery is hidden in a way that is unintelligible to an unwanted viewer at any viewing angle but is not distracting or noticeable to the user. In this way, the user's privacy is protected without distracting them and without indicating to others that private information is being displayed ”, they close.

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