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These are the Nokia Lumia that Microsoft never took out of the laboratory

For many years Microsoft I tried to face Android and iOS with Windows Phone, an interesting operating system with the clear idea of ​​unifying all Microsoft products in a robust ecosystem. However, the company was never able to get Windows Phone afloat, and we all know how the story ended, in fact, Bill Gates has already mentioned how this mistake ended up costing them $ 400 billion.

And although Microsoft abandoned its operating system to
mobile devices, there were many teams that remained in the testing phase
when Windows Phone was still fighting for his life in the market, so we
strange that the firm has not let them out of the laboratory.

It is true that these teams were probably not going to save Windows Phone, but perhaps they would have generated some sales in the different markets of the world.

Lumia phones that never saw the light of day

One of the teams that attracts attention is the Nokia McLaren, which would be a renewal of the Lumia 930That is, it was a high-end in its entirety for the years that ran. The design was similar to that of other Lumia, in fact, the people of Windows Phone were able to test the device while it was under development.

One of the star features of this device was
its technology similar to 3D Touch but without the need to touch the screen,
something that undoubtedly would have earned him looks for innovation, but that
It probably would not have been a revolutionary function either.

The camera was also one of the most striking things about this Lumia, which not only had a huge 20-megapixel module, but the camera was always one of the things that set the Lumia series apart from the rest of its competitors.

Honjo: an entry-level Lumia

Microsoft also canceled the release of what is known as Honjo, an entry-level Lumia that would apparently carry a Snapdragon 210 with a 720p screen resolution.

However, even though it was a team
economic we can not deny that his design was much more attractive than that of
many mid-range smartphones from 2015. And it is precisely the telephones of
Microsoft always stood out for their design.

Mercury: a tablet to compete against the iPad

One of the gadgets that also failed to leave the laboratory was Mercury, a Windows Phone tablet designed by Microsoft that came to complement the catalog of the Surface in those years.

From this tablet it is known that it will have a screen between 7 and
8 inches, but other hardware components such as the
processor, RAM, or camera details.

Moonraker: to Microsoft's Apple Watch

Moonraker was the code name for Microsoft's smartwatch under the Nokia brand. At that time Microsoft wanted this watch to be just an extension of the phone, so we do not know what type of operating system the device will carry, but we know that it would allow it to perfectly synchronize with Windows Phone to receive notifications, make calls from the watch, send SMS and would also include customizable cartridges.

Some rumors indicate that few people were able to see this device behind closed doors during the 2015 MWC, however in the end the company never released this device to the market.